We're considering a LADIES ONLY firearms class. Focusing mostly on handguns but covering rifles and shotguns also. Geared toward new or less experienced shooters, or even experienced ladies who just want to review the fundamentals. 

The idea would be to give women a chance to learn about guns, and how to use them, for defense and sport, in an environment without "macho guys" making them feel hesitant to ask questions, or try something for any reason. 
The class would be able to address issues that are more common to the lady shooters; proper grip techniques with smaller hands, recoil management, even selecting the proper gun and ammo combinations.

Women can be very capable shooters, and when properly trained can out-shoot most men. Society and gender biases have given some women pause though. It's often expressed that some women hesitate to take a shooting class because of factors such as this.

What do you think, ladies? Would you be interested in a class focusing on your needs, with only other ladies as students?
Men, would you want to send your wife, sister, girlfriend, or daughter to such a class as opposed to some other options?

It would likely be a 1-2 day weekend class. about 2/3 in a classroom setting and dry-fire practice, and 1/3 live fire range exercises. Ladies would be permitted to bring their own firearms, but the class would also include loaners for training and practice experience. Ammo and targets would be included. (ammo calibers available may be limited if she brings her own gun).

If we get enough positive feedback and interest on this, then count on it happening! What do you think? Suggestions? Interest? "Sign me up?" Thanks!

Would it be better even if it incorporated more defensive and less sporting applications? Basic open hand tactics? Your feedback is appreciated!

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