So, here's a quick look at what I was up to over the holiday weekend!
What you're looking at is part of the new office for Palladium Firearms and Training.  Cleaned out the junk, acquired and moved in office furniture and safes, and computer.  Just about all ready to go.
Off frame to the left is bookcases and reference material/storage.  Off frame to the right, opposite of the computer desk is a workbench for cleaning, maintaining, and modifying guns.  Also, reloading.

The Batleth may not stay there, I just had it laying around, the nails were already hung and I thought it would be cooler than a bare wall.  Plus I'm admittedly a little bit of a sci-fi nerd sometimes.  :)   

Still need to get a new office chair, do a little decorating, move in paperwork and tools/manuals/supplies.   But we're almost there.  All the really big stuff is done for now anyway!  (until I buy that second large safe)   

If you ever come in to pick up an FFL transfer, or do other business with us, you'll get to see it for yourself - in all it's lack of glory - but if you just keep up with us on the web or do business over the 'net, now you can see where we do business on the OTHER side.  :)

Still more great stuff to come!
11/27/2013 07:38:59 pm

I think your office requires some interior decoration related to firearms.


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