We're considering a LADIES ONLY firearms class. Focusing mostly on handguns but covering rifles and shotguns also. Geared toward new or less experienced shooters, or even experienced ladies who just want to review the fundamentals. 

The idea would be to give women a chance to learn about guns, and how to use them, for defense and sport, in an environment without "macho guys" making them feel hesitant to ask questions, or try something for any reason. 
The class would be able to address issues that are more common to the lady shooters; proper grip techniques with smaller hands, recoil management, even selecting the proper gun and ammo combinations.

Women can be very capable shooters, and when properly trained can out-shoot most men. Society and gender biases have given some women pause though. It's often expressed that some women hesitate to take a shooting class because of factors such as this.

What do you think, ladies? Would you be interested in a class focusing on your needs, with only other ladies as students?
Men, would you want to send your wife, sister, girlfriend, or daughter to such a class as opposed to some other options?

It would likely be a 1-2 day weekend class. about 2/3 in a classroom setting and dry-fire practice, and 1/3 live fire range exercises. Ladies would be permitted to bring their own firearms, but the class would also include loaners for training and practice experience. Ammo and targets would be included. (ammo calibers available may be limited if she brings her own gun).

If we get enough positive feedback and interest on this, then count on it happening! What do you think? Suggestions? Interest? "Sign me up?" Thanks!

Would it be better even if it incorporated more defensive and less sporting applications? Basic open hand tactics? Your feedback is appreciated!
“Advocates of gun control make two fundamental assumptions: First, that more guns will equal more violence and, second, that more gun control will equal less violence. Both of these assumptions are confounded by history and by facts. They are simply not true. Countries with high rates of gun ownership have low rates of violence and countries in which civilian ownership of guns is banned have high rates of violence. Ignoring these facts can cause harm by removing the means by which people protect themselves, their families and their communities — and thereby protect their rights to self-determination.”
- Richard Patterson
So, here's a quick look at what I was up to over the holiday weekend!
What you're looking at is part of the new office for Palladium Firearms and Training.  Cleaned out the junk, acquired and moved in office furniture and safes, and computer.  Just about all ready to go.
Off frame to the left is bookcases and reference material/storage.  Off frame to the right, opposite of the computer desk is a workbench for cleaning, maintaining, and modifying guns.  Also, reloading.

The Batleth may not stay there, I just had it laying around, the nails were already hung and I thought it would be cooler than a bare wall.  Plus I'm admittedly a little bit of a sci-fi nerd sometimes.  :)   

Still need to get a new office chair, do a little decorating, move in paperwork and tools/manuals/supplies.   But we're almost there.  All the really big stuff is done for now anyway!  (until I buy that second large safe)   

If you ever come in to pick up an FFL transfer, or do other business with us, you'll get to see it for yourself - in all it's lack of glory - but if you just keep up with us on the web or do business over the 'net, now you can see where we do business on the OTHER side.  :)

Still more great stuff to come!
Check out this video from CNN.  It shows an ideal response to the least ideal scenario possible.   Obviously the man in the video was diligent, but it also is apparent that he's got a trained background.

Maybe you don't work in any kind of security field, but how will you react if you find yourself under pressure and fire in a "dynamic critical incident" such as this?   No one will know until it happens, but if you have taken the time to prepare, think, learn, and practice, you tip the odds back into your favor in almost any situation.

Don't be paranoid.  Be aware.  Be alert.  Be prepared.
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